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Handbrake cable adjustment


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I’m trying to adjust the handbrake on my 2008 Sigma car, but my arrangement seems different to those that I have seen in various versions of the build manual – There is no sign of any knurled nut adjuster, just a single nut which is right at the end of the cable sheath, as shown in the photo – any ideas?  Am I missing something?handbrakeadjuster.jpg.6fcbbfcdb1de324682e82b9b974cd48f.jpg

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It does appear that your cable has been inserted the wrong way round.  On my 2008 S3 with Ford diff, the white adjuster sits on the LH of the diff (where the nut and yellow piece is in your photo).

However, I believe (but I'm not at all sure) that, when the BMW diff was introduced, the adjuster was moved to the RH side.

Even so, there'll be a mounting lug on both sides, so maybe your adjuster is on the RH side?


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