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Brake master cylinder


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I'm looking to upgrade to the AP racing master cylinder for a harder pedal to ease heel and toeing (I've already played with pedal mount points, and didn't find what I wanted. The pedal ended up so high at the start of travel, so that it was close to the throttle under extreme braking, it was just a mess...).

Before I splash the cash, I won't to check what I currently have in use. I heard the original has a blue cable tie, and the uprated has orange. I have black.  *rofl*

This is from a 1996 VXi. Can anybody recognize this /  confirm if the AP racing cylinder will give me a harder pedal feel versus this?


Planning to stick to the standard discs, as I'm only (fast) road driving. Haven't yet experienced fade so strong I could no longer lock the brakes.

Thanks in advance for any advice


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AP has a larger bore and therefore reduce travel but increased driver pressure required.

You mentioned you have altered the pedals in the 3 mounting holes in the pedal box...?

did you then adjust the pedals using the nuts on the brake and clutch to fine tune their placement...?

 I also found my car had the brake pedal from an SV model, the S3 is a different shape affording more clearance between brake and throttle - I had the same problem as you - much better now! 

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My older pedal box only has 2 positions. Yes moved it forwards, and adjusted position with the nuts on the brake cylinder push rod.

Can't adjust the throttle pedal on VXi cars.

So I had to pull forward the brake, so at full pressure it was high enough to still catch the throttle pedal. Meant it started sky high in the pedal box.

I'll look into the pedal itself. I hadn't thought of that. Although I think the travel is the biggest issue. It goes through quite a long range.

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Hi James, I'll be replacing my existing AP cylinder with a nearly new one when I get round to it as the last part of my rebuild project.  So Ill be selling the one on my car.  It was checked over and the seals replaced a few years ago by AP.    If interested drop me a Blatmail. Cheers, Tom 

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