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urgent advice needed with QR steering wheel


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I've just taken my new Superlight out for a bit of a shakedown prior to its first real blat around mid Wales on Tuesday. Driving home with it from its storage unit to home I noticed a bit of play in the wheel - it would move forward and back on the steering column by about  1 cm. When I got home I took the steering wheel off and now it will not go on for love nor money. On close inspection I can see part of the ring on what I assume is the locking mechanism (sorry, I'm strictly non technical) is missing? Could this be the problem and what would the fix be? Is there anywhere (hopefully Midlands based) that could effect a repair or sell me a replacement wheel tomorrow (Monday) before my trip on Tuesday!! Pic below with missing piece circledbrokenwheel.jpg.2e006fd88034aac19bd300bc10cc448d.jpg

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That looks the same as mine.

Are you aligning the double width spline? 

Edited to say your balls look a bit dirty. Shot of WD40 / GT85 and a wipe. If you pull the collar up you should be able to press the balls in.

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thanks for all your help guys. I've finally got it back on. Think I just went into panic mode and didn't think it through. Cleaned my balls and slowly rotated the wheel on the spine until it slotted itself back on like butter. First lesson learnt to not be a complete plank and take my time!!

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