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K Series Apollo sandwich plate removal?

Grant Dryburgh

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Hi folks, 

I found a crack in my oil filter housing the other week, got a new housing ready to go on but before I set about pulling the old one off just wanted to check regarding the sandwich plate. 

Is this likely to be mega tight or should it be easy enough to free from the housing? 

Any tips on how to actually go about cracking it loose from the filter housing ?  

Assuming on re-assembly it will be the same as any oil filter just nip it up hand tight? 

Thanks in advance for any help *smile*

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The sandwich plate doesn't unscrew from the housing as the filter does; just the threaded centre piece. There's a big threaded "hollow bolt" (for want of a better description) that screws onto the thread of the housing, clamps the sandwich plate in place and in turn has a male thread for the oil filter. It should reasonably tight but shouldn't be a problem to undo.
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