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De-denting Aluminium


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Has anyone found a Paintless Dent Removing company that will work on their 7? I know it's a nightmare of a job because you cant put much pressure on the Alu. 

On the rear of my car, where the boot is, I believe the older gentleman that used to own it must have knelt down and rested his knees on the back whilst doing the poppers up. You can see his bloody knee marks in certain light which is really upsetting me. Any advice appreciated, I have a feeling it maybe a respray job though *grumpy*

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If the skin has been streched you're buggered.

Otherwise the head of a spoon is a useful tool. Add a little butter and work gently in circles. I've done it following a test pilots crash at SPA (!) where he was taken out by a Formula Ford.

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So has the previous owner kneeled on the the hoop that goes around the top of the boot?  If its bent the skin by doing that its probably bent the chassis forming the boot opening. If that the case, you might need to either live with it or taker it to Arch/ current chassis manufacture for rectifying and a  new skin.    

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I read it as stood on ground, resting knees on back panel while they did something.

Dent removers start from the outside and work the perimeter gradually moving to the middle. Steel has a 'memory' unlike ally, so the former is easier to get back to 'looking' normal.

Chatting to the guy I use for dents about him picking up a hire car. The forms noted a couple of pre hire blemishes - he managed to find 20+ !

Good luck with the spoons! 

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