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How to Remove Drive Shaft from LSD?


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Caterham CSR 2005, I've removed the brake caliper (maybe unnecessary), I've removed the bottom spring/damper bolt & damper is out of the way. I've removed the bolt through the control arm & that's out the way too. The nuts are off the wishbones and I can now take out the upright.

What do I do next? If I pull the upright away from the diff, it feels like the tripoid joints provide all the give. Is this rusty bit of driveshaft supposed to just come out of the diff, or is there something else I need to undo next?


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there's a snap ring on the end of the shaft, inside the diff.  You don't need to access it though, it just provides some extra resistance.  It will release with a sharp pull, pushing it all the way in first will help by giving you a bit of a run-up.

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It actually came out easy peasy in the end. The surprise was that there's actually nothing apart from the gaiter that keeps the outboard tripode joint together.

When I had my suspension collapse, it actually nicked the gaiter and caused a very small tear, which then with centrifugal force had been spraying the grease out. The good news is that now the drive shaft is off the car, I've dismantled the outer tripode and cleaned it all and can now fit a new gaiter and repack with the GKN Tripode grease - sourced from Demon Tweaks...

Yesterday, when I contacted Caterham, they confirmed that my CSR had been specified with an LSD as part of the factory build. They had no idea what it was, but guessed an ATB. Having taken the driveshaft out, I've discovered that my LSD is actually a ZF plated one, so that's good news too...

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