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Who would be interested in helmet visor stickers?

Golf Juliet Tango

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I'm going to test size and shape (curvature).

It would be interesting and helpful to know what size of production would be appropriate.

See:- https://www.lotus7.club/forum/chitchat/helmet-visor-club-stickers

It is probably most helpful if you post there.

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Put me on the list to.   How about Circuit stickers as well to show which Track Days you have attended?

Here is my Castle Combe sticker which I receive as part of my membership with CCRC.  I'm sure the manufacturer could make a batch for us.   I can check who they are........


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Sorry........ there appears to be some confusion here with this second thread being started, it was quite clear from my  original thread that the visor sticker the majority expressed an interest in was this one:


Not the one with the childish pink squiggly line across the front shown in post #7 here. Therefore if that's the design and new logo OUR CLUB has decided to adopt count me out, I will get my own made thanks.


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Good Afternoon.

The stickers are now available to buy via your Love Admin Account. To purchase please go to the "Events" page. Alternatively please call Jordan or Lucy on 01873 777303, Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm to purchase.

Kind Regards


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