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Water temp 2.0 Vx 16v


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in warm weather (> 25 dC) I very quickly reach 100dC water temperature. Oil stays stable at 80-85 dC and pressure drops to around 1 (dry sump).

And this just when pushing for a few minutes on county roads. 10 mins of less aggressive driving gets me down to 80-90 dC. 

Any thoughts?



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The fan switch has the on and off settings etched on it. Thermostat ... you have to remove it to see what is stamped on it. Take the opportunity to test it in a saucepan of water and see what temperature it opens at with a thermometer.
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My VX also gets to 100c on hot days, did one long run to Le Mans when it as was at that level for a long time.

it was worse when I first acquired it about 13 years ago but changing to a new radtec aluminium  radiator helped and I have the larger dia fan that they do.  I think I may also have installed a thermostat that opens at a lower temp but I am not certain about that as it was 10+ years ago
i have mechanical gauges and water temp is nearly always higher than water temp, I am tempted to fit a laminova to balance the temps but I don't think it's essential. 
if you don't have one it worth getting a heat shield between the exhaust and the alternator - on long run to Le Mans the engine was fine but I discovered the alternator was cooked when I got home.

More recently and for other reasons I had the engine rebuilt and it generally runs cooler now but will still be close to 100 on hot days - we have done some long runs in very high temps across France and Spain.

Worth checking everything is working correctly but not sure you should be too worried, that said I would recommend getting good mechanical gauges for water temp and oil temp/pressure


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