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O rings shot. Gauges loose. Sorted plus picture of guage showing tightening ring.


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Right..all sorted. O rings purchased as per the link from Ian. ( thanks!) 

Private message and chat from JK just to make sure I knew what I was doing, ( top man, thanks) 

As an aside, mine is a 2018 car. It has a new type of fixing at the rear of the 52mm gauges, a threaded ring to tighten or loosen. It's different to the old U shaped clip. Picture added as a reference for some one in the future if needed. 

The ring can be seen on the right hand gauge. 


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My 2015 car has round section O rings. They all disintegrated. I just changed them for some I bought for a few pence each. Slacken off the retaining ring pull the old O ring over the front of the gauge, put the new one back the same way and nip up the retaining ring.

This show a good one and a couple of bad ones. 



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