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HELP! Tillet seat removal


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Hi all


Trying to get my Tillets out. Only one nut came out, without being held at the top, for the drivers front mounting. I've managed to get the other one out but do I pull the seat forward to get at the top of the rear ones? If so, anyone else have the problem that the adjuster lever fouls the chassis bar when the seat is set to the rear??? How the heck do you get it to come forward?!!!!


Whats the process for the fixed passenger? Looks to have cap bolts inserted from underneath on that side



Cheers all



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Yes, the adjuster lever can foul the chassis rail. 

In my car if I lift the lever carefully it just releases the seat catch before you’ve lifted it too high to go through the hole in the chassis rail but if you just lift it fully up it won’t go through the hole. 

Almost a two handed job to slightly bend the lever to get it out of the seat and into the chassis rail. 

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