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Guy Lowe

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Annoying that Ian, as then you can;t naturally use the up or down volume button to take a photo a la traditional camera.
You can still press the volumes but they're then bottom-left, not a la traditional camera.
First-world problems eh?  :O)

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1 The workaround

]As Ian says: 'phone in landscape and button on the R. This is in the Forum User Guide in case anyone forgets which way round:


2 The underlying problem

Congratulations again to Barry on working this out:


3 A solution

This can be fixed by the website checking the EXIF tag whenever an image is uploaded. This site runs on Drupal, and the Drupal library has several modules that enable this:


An example is: Image EXIF Autorotate. (I haven't tested this and there might be something that is better for our needs. But it serves as illustration.)




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