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620 Nose Cone front plate mount


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Here's a bit of a weird one!

Having got my 620 home this weekend I've exported the car today and sorted the reg plates.  This evening I've gone to fit a new reg acrylic plate to the front and found the plate is too thick for the quick release style fixings on the 620 nose.

Oakmere fitted a really thin metal plate, which fitted a treat, unfortunately they say they can't print a plate conforming to the Manx plate standard.  

To sort I need a slightly longer version of the quick release screw.  To be honest I've never seen them before. 

Does anyone know the background of the mountings, i just need a few mill more.


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or use a small front and shorter rear - depending on how many characters you new plate has - at least the front can be possiitioned so's not to cover the air intake as the OE one does - font and spacing are correct



hopefully link works with the sizes I put in ......

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Can you see a wire in the receptacle, and can you post some photos that are better than those from Caterham Parts?


You could always use a spot-face drill if you have a drill press, to recess the QR stud into the plate slightly.
Similar thought, but if you go all the way through either accidentally or deliberately you could glue a piece of eg aluminium strip to the back of the plate with holes in it that pass the shaft but not the head of the fastener.
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Thanks guys.  I've ordered various Dzus screw options from ProBolt and speedyfasteners, hopefully a slightly longer version at 19mm will sort it, fingers crossed.

At this point I'm not keen to modify the car, obviously if I end up there I'll have to.  I could also try the custom plate option, though I'll need to make sure any plate is 1.5mm in thickness.

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Why not ditch the Dzus fasteners and simply use 3M Dual Lock tape - avaialble in 3 grades from very firm to very strong ! you wil only need a couple of short lengths.


The part numbers refer to the number of 'mushroom heads' on the tape - short 1m lengths are regularly available of fleabay. several uses on a Caterham for this.

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I think the problem is the mounting bracket of a 620 https://caterhamparts.co.uk/brackets/5899-number-plate-bracket.html is designed to hold the quick release mounts.  The quick release studs are to short to go through the Isle of Man plate.

So I would do either, 

A, Recess the holes in the Isle of Man number plate, so the head of the quick release mount stud is flush with the plate.   Much like counter sinking the hole.  It would take some research to find the correct tool,  I router bit maybe or if you have access to someone with a milling machine. 

B, Cut a couple bits of sheet carbon fibre, say 100 mm x 30mm, to make mount plates.   These mounting plated will have a hole in the centre so you can mount them to the mounting bracket using the quick release studs.   Then use the 3M Dual Lock tape recommended above to secure the Isle of Man plate onto the carbon fibre mount plated.   


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I was back over to the mainland this weekend picking up a new daily driver.  I went to see Simon at Oakmere, and he sorted me out.  In the end he was able to print a set of plates using their 1.5mm metal plates with a space in the correct position, they look spot on.  The initial thoughts were he wouldn't get the space for the Manx plates.

Top service as always from Oakmere, they always come through.



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Mark W

Sort of , ive just looked at mine and i have to admit it is higher than i thought but about 30-40% of the mesh is still  free to air .

Theres a bracket bonded to the bottom of the inside of the nose cone and the plate fixings go through the mesh to the bracket behind . It is possible to adjust the height a bit depending on how you "twist " the bracket relative to the front plane of the nose cone when you bond it .


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