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Ali, green wings, yellow nosecone Arlington, MA, USA


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A better spot.  We now know that the driver / owner is named Olivier.  The guy who spoke to him yesterday ascertained that the owner is not American, but we are yet to get any more details.  Plans to press gang him into membership of the Arlington Classic Car Club (A group dedicated to going for a beer on Thursday nights in old cars...we have French cars....but no structure!!) continue.


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Anker - this one is in Arlington Heights in MA.  It is currently on UK plates, but in the photo above the owner was just off to a garage to try to get it through a State inspection.  He should be ok getting it titled as it is over 25-years old.

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Sure, Anker.  I'm just about to post something up on ChitChat in case there is any more interest out there.

The Arlington Classic Car Club is actually just an in-joke name for a bunch of guys in and around the Arlington area who get together from time to time to go for a drive or to kick tyres.  Our communication is primarily via a private FaceBook page, but I can keep you abreast of any plans via email if FB is off the cards for you.

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