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CSR fuel pump relay


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I find it very hard to know what to look for when the documents don't say "CSR 260" precisely. From the 2016 Handbook:


Does that match? 


PS: If you'd like the Assembly Guide and Handbook, please send me a Private Message with your email address and details of the Seven. But Steve's site as linked in #2 above probably has more than I do. 

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Thanks for the clarification.  I have never heard of that unit being referred to as an MFU, it is always generally described as the fuse box.  Under the heading Fuses and Relays, the handbook describes "them" as being located in the fuse box, there is no mention of an MFU so although technically correct it is nevertheless confusing especially when they are located side by side and covered by the fuse box cover.

To add to the confusion, as far as I am aware, CSR's do not have a relay for the fuel pump, they normally have 4 relays, horn, lights, hazards, flasher and a fifth if you have a stack dash.  The fuel pump is protected by a fuse, normally "M" (or no. 13), which is 15amp.

Jonathan's diagram above is certainly shown in the last / latest CSR handbook on page 46 as fig. 28 but although listed under Duratec it isn't the CSR layout, which I have always found misleading (but very Caterhamesque).  There are two Duratec specs. shown and fig. 28 is for the first Duratec listed with 6 relays and not other one listed Duratec 175/237, which has only 4 relays.  There is further confusion in that the latter Duratec 175/237 relays are shown as being for Starter, Ignition, Reverse, Flasher, which is different to my CSR.  The Earlier CSR handbooks were different and in all three of my CSR's, from 2008 to 2015, this has been the layout:


If you look at the CSR / SVR loom assembly diagram in the link that Jonathan provided above  you will see that the CSR only has 4 relays:


So if Dave has found a fuel pump relay in the fuse box "MFU", it beats me as to what type of CSR this is ... unless you mistakenly referred to relay when you "relay" meant "fuse"? *confused*

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MIne does have an MFU / MFR / MFRU / 'Squarish black box' or whatever you want to call it.  And it does have relays inside.  It's not on the wiring diagram pdf that I use (nor is the ECU) but - having had problems with the fuel pump relay previously - it's there....

The other relays - stacked next to the fuse block are quite different, identified separately on the loom wiring layout.  The MFR is beyond the 'Grey Engine Plug' which isn't covered on this diagram.  From the Fuse Key, F13 (YG) feeds to P9 on this plug.



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Hi Jonathan,

Quite likely, I'd looked at the diagram above and interpreted/assumed it to cover a segment of the MFR (Fuel Pump relay), - identifying pump as 'PCM' and the fuel level sender as 'FTL' - and the pump/sender unit so bridging a segment of the overall wiring loom diagram and part of the MFR.  No colour coding for wires, just the schematic.


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