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Bolt holding the exhaust bracket to the body after the silencer

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This isn't a definitive solution of the type suggested by James.

But with this type of problem you can sometimes get the bolt out by loading the nut/ bush/ boss against something so that it stays still: try axial pressure both in and out and angling the bolt as you unscrew.


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Jonathan, here's a photo of what you're dealing with (my 1999 car, ignore the Waxoyl). The boss (middle bottom in the photo) is pretty substantial so it's unlikely that it will have broken loose, more likely the threads are damaged. If you can apply outward pressure while turning the bolt, maybe clamp it with mole grips and pull out while turning, you might get somewhere.

Otherwise, it's not that difficult to get access to the inside - remove the seat and harness then drill out the rivets along the front of the rear quadrant panel and bend it inwards slightly, then drill out enough rivets of the main inner panel top and bottom to gain access. It might at first seem a lot of work but an hour of easy effort will give you the access you need.

You might also choose to add some corrosion protection before riveting everything back in place.



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