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R400D, fuel pump and ECU


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On a standard R400D with MBE ECU, can anybody tell me whether or not the ECU controls the fuel pump?

If so, how?  Which pin on the ECU and does it switch to earth to activate a relay or whatever?

I'm trying to go from MBE to Emerald and I don't seem to have any activity from the fuel pump ...



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I've got the file 'AssemblyGuide 05.2012.pdf' which I think came from you some years ago.

That's got what appear to be loom manufacturing diagrams as opposed to legible wiring diagrams and I can see no mention of the fuel pump beyond the inertia switch ...


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If it is the engine with the plenum and not roller barrels, the 9A4 ECU will have a 30L279A number on it. For older cars it will be the 992 ECU with 30L153A on it. Pinouts and connectors should be the same for both, though.

Using the R400D wiring diagram, the fuel pump is controlled by programmable Pin 17 on the ECU, the wiring path is then as follows:

BO (Black/Orange) Wires:
Pin 17 - BO39 - Wire connector (BO39/BO40/BO41)
Wire connector - BO41 - MFU 6-pin connector

YG (Yellow/Green) Wires:
MFU 8-pin connector - YG61 - Chassis loom connector
Chassis loom connector - YG166 - Fuse block fuel pump relay
Fuse block fuel pump relay - YG167 - Inertia switch
Inertia switch - YG168 - Fuel Pump

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Further thanks for all the additional information on this - much appreciated.

Out of interest and for completeness, if anybody knows what the other programmable pins on the ECU are used for (pins 25, 27, 33 and 34), it might be handy to others to have it recorded somewhere (I acknowledge that theoretically it's there in the 'wiring diagram', but ...).

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