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HiSpec 260mm Disc


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Anybody aware of any potential issues in fitting Hispec 260mm solid discs along with their Ultralite 4 Caliper to an S3 (1998) shod with either 13 or 14 inch wheels?

i.e. Any clearance issues?

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Mike - thanks for this - challenge is I'm in France and car is in UK and was hoping to get them to fit when next over in case it's raining and I am stuck in the garage. I have the drawing from HiSpec so perhaps will measure this next time and get them for the time after.

I am sort of guessing that the design of their caliper allows for the bigger disc while fitting in the same overall dimensions of standard fitment.Caterham-260x10-UL-lug.pdf

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The Ultralite 4-pot caliper can be used with 232 or 260mm discs. There is quite a big gap between my caliper and 15" wheels, so I am sure you'll be ok. Be aware that the lead time from HiSpec may be a week or two ?
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