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13" 185/70/13


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Are you sure you want to g​o with 70 profiles? I ran these (Yoko 21r) and while they were cheap and helped keeps me going on a budget, the 55 profile CR500 or ZZS/ZZR brought much tighter handling and road holding.  I found the 70 profiles quite squishy and you could feel the tyre roll at times.  That being said, with the shocking state of some of our roads, the extra height and squish would be welcome at times! 


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Why not go for 185.60.13 nanking ns2r in street compound.

Had a set all round for nearly 2 years, good all round tyre, great trackday performer, just be careful in heavy rain or cold temperatures

Only 60 quid a tyre too..... gives you a bit more 18mm infact ground clearance., than 175.55.13 zzr or zzs

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I run Toyo R888R's - 185/60 on front 205/60 on the rear on 13 x6 minilights. Very good in dry, OK in wet as long its not completely peeing it down and you're driving through puddles - they are prone to aquaplane in really heavy conditions.  I prefer the slightly higher profile than the 55 profile as i) gives you more warning before break away on the limits and ii) fill the rear wheel arches nicely.

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