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Water in alternator

Rusty Nuts Garage

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I do recommend at least covering the rear wire plug area. My 7 cut out suddenly a few times and work out it was a short at the alternator end. I bought a plug/cover. Your alternator should have a spring clip to clip the plug in, if not you can get these for pennies. 

As for waterproofing the alternator, I’ll be interested too, It is vulnerable down there. EC8A10B4-E1D1-4B96-8F02-A50CB89A35D0.thumb.jpeg.599dc528c5f5030dcbb5bdfb569d48ab.jpeg

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My standard rover one (which if a remember correctly doesn't have the lucas style plug above) has so far survived numerous dunkings (back road commute floods well), being drenched on European motorways, deluged in snow and slush, and being left to sit outside for most of the year for the last 18yrs . . . 

I wouldn't bother ;)

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The alternator windings are double dipped in a protective solution when being made. It is important that the alternator gets sufficient cooling air, so restricting air flow would in my opinion not be good. The windings do get hot when the alternator is working so it will dry out. The thing to avoid is salty water or even a saline environment, as this is corrosive and will attack the windings over a period of time and gradually reduce the resistance. Personally I would just leave it alone and standard.


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