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RESOLVED: Spare Connectors - Sigma 152


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Plumbing and wiring all done but I appear to have two spare connectors off the loom (pics below):

1. Connector by +ve battery terminal/ pedal box - very short cable but I cannot find a home for this. Appears similar to connectors onto engine.

2. Twin spade connector by radiator fan and horn - long cable, but appears superfluous on this build. I wondered if intended for cars with coolant top-up warning (if such exist).

Any thoughts? Are they ok to ignore?

IMG_1233.thumb.JPG.61231ee376f4c468674f38793cf6277f.JPG IMG_1234.thumb.JPG.693784c5302668954f7d936a3da28379.JPG

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Just had a look at my Sigma, if you let me know the colour of the wires in 1/ I'll have another look.  The only things I could see would be one of the connectors feeding into the ECU block might have come out but you've probably checked that.

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Having just finished my Duratec build I too had the front connectors spare, which Derek at CC confirmed, looks like the Sigma is the same.  

I don’t recall the other connector though, from experience most connections become obvious and marry up as you work through the build, As Jim suggests it might be the lambda, I’d find the lambda sensor in the kit and see if the plugs are male and female of the same type.  If they are different you know it’s not that, if they’re the same Jim is probably right, which he usually is.


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Thanks Eek, yes I noticed that. Isn't the wiper motor behind the dash (new build 310S S3)? This short cable is miles away form there (by the battery/ pedal box in the engine bay). Or is there a related connection in this vicinity - I just cannot find anything obvious.

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