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Which battery ?


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Hi all, I’m sure it’s all on here somewhere.. however, my Banner is just about dead, it’s a 1.6 K track only car and would like to have some info regarding what to fit next. Another banner is most likely the cheapest option.


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My (3yo) Banner failed last winter. I looked at all the options; Li-ion, Odyssey etc

In the end I replaced like for like. The Li-ion seem to work for some but not others and they do seem to need some looking after. They are light if that really matters. 

I’ve used Odyssey before on race cars where the battery was on its side on the floor of the tub but they’re expensive, no weight saving. They might outlast a Banner but whether that’s enough of a reason I’m not sure, given the work to fit. 

Im sure you’ll get other opinions. 

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Ultramax have one similar in size to the Odyssey pictured above, which is cheap but works - especially if you have a battery isolator to disconnect it when not in use. 

Here's a link to an ebay seller (whom I have no experience of, just an example): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIEHARD-1150-JUMP-STARTER-12V-18AH-JUMP-STARTER-REPLACEMENT-ULTRAMAX-BATTERY/132351456002

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