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BATCH BUY - utterly waterproof backpack

Golf Juliet Tango

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See the article in this month's LowFlying but here are a few pictures:

This is the bag:


This is it, when I chucked it in the bath! (it is floating) Notice the highly reflective vinyl logo.


This is it sitting between the bars of my Seven (my car is a live axle type which has a shallower boot than a deDion model).



As you may see, there is space for customisation, your name, your BC name, registration of the car (perfect for private plates). E-mail me about this, please DO NOT use the private message (BlatMail) as I will not be able to send an image back to you on the customisation.

Price per bag £49.50 plus P&P which is per order, so you could add some clothing to the order and pay just once for the despatch to you.

I'll add a link to the order form in a day or two.  Orders will be executed in batches of ten (minimum sensible order).



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  • Area Representative

Order Form here:  https://www.lotus7.club/merchandise-batch-buy-utterly-waterproof-backpack

There is space for the details of customisation but I will also exchange e-mail with you, so that you can see a picture of the proposed treatment.  This allows details beyond words - some people have asked for logos (no Caterham Cars logos or trademarks will be available).

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I don’t want to put a damper on this initiative and I realise that there’s a cost involved in getting the club logo printed but why are these so expensive ? 

The going rate for an unbranded dry bag with rucksack type straps is £15 ish for a 25 L bag . Known sailing brands charge about £20-25 .


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