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Brake calipers


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can anyone tell me what are the standard front brake calipers ?what model spitfire / herald ?and where can I get some from?

Im confused as rimmer bros charge in the region of £80 each and Caterham seem to be about £255 each!

are they the same and equal?

thanks again all.

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I’ve had a binding brake calliper (std type 14) on the front for a while. It’s not going to fix itself. From memory servicing mini calipers many years ago it can be a right faff only to find after reassembly and bleeding it still binds. Has anyone had success with the seal / piston kits from Rimmer? I’ll assume I need at least one piston replaced.

At £50 per calliper outright I’m tempted to replace both rather than service them.

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I had a similar problem with a single binding calliper. I went for 2 x new callipers, on the basis the other one will probably fail sometime soon, they were 19 years old and not expensive in the whole scheme of things. Then you have 2 x zero-time 'new' callipers ready for another 19 years!

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