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1994 Handbrake Assembly (de Dion)


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I'm in the process of converting a 1994 HPC race car to road use and need to sort out the handbrake arrangement.  It has the chassis fitment for an under dash lever - and not much else.  Is anyone able to advise what the cable route is from lever to the rear calipers and how the system works (presumably) on the rear calipers please?

My previous two Caterhams were both live axle hence my ignorance.

Incidentally, if anyone has any of the bits going spare, that I need for the handbrake I would be delighted to provide cash in exchange.

Many thanks,


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I have this recorded:

Handbrake Lever

Under dash type is from mk1 Mini apparently OR perhaps Triumph Herald ? It needs to be bent before use ......

The rear cable looks suspiciously like a standard ford part but I don't know which one. I would guess that the primary cable is Caterham specific

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Does anyone have an exploded diagram/ fitting instruction for the under dash handbrake?  I've always had a niggling doubt that mine is assembled correctly as there is a bolt head or nut that rubs on the chassis/ bulkhead skin that I've not been able to fix.  

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