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Side repeater ground... better to earth on the chassis?


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Afternoon All,

I'm still doing my prep work for bonding the front cycle wings, probably a bit of procrastination to be honest as I'm not looking forward to it.  Whilst reading around the topic I've come across some comments on a blog regarding issues with the side repeater ground on the wing stay.

I thought I'd post and grab some opinions on the matter.

It is a common and frequent problem to have an earthing issue for the side repeater from the earth screw/hole in the front cycle wing? 

Is it worth the effort to cut and extend the earth wire into the chassis and ground on the chassis using a new terminal etc?



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AI grounded mine to the wing stay and haven’t had any issues. 

Having said that I didn’t simply bond the wings on. I used studded big heads which bolt through the stay, bonded to the wing on top. At the rear I used 2 bolts as was recommended but my wings are carbon so black bolts don’t show down there. 

I’m quit happy with the look and it means I can remove the wing easily if needed which would make it relatively easy to renew the ground for the repeater were it necessary. 

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I did experience the problem you describe. There was a poor connection between the wingstay and the chassis. It sounds like I was a bit unlucky though - it only happened on one side. I solved it by running an earth wire along by the indicator wire.

I expect that you should be fine without, and if not you know the solution.


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Three Sevens two with bonded wings & never a problem earthing as per the build manual..

Before wing fit pre drill the hole for the attachment of the terminal, clean to bare metal around the circumference (about 1mm). A suitable small masking strip slightly larger than the terminal over the hole with a long tail (I used aluminium speed tape) with a cocktail stick/drill shank stuck in the hole so you know where it is after plastering on the adhesive. 

After fitting the wing & before the adhesive goes off remove masking & cocktail stick/drill shank.

This method used twice...never a problem.

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