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South Molton-Southampton Options


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I have to do this route later in the year during the holiday period. I've done it before under a bit of time pressure to catch a ferry so took the A303 and then down via Salisbury and that wood with the donkeys wandering about.

Wondering what the options are, thought Honiton, Bridport on the A35 but could be a bit busy although no rush this time.

Any suggestions gratefully received I wont have a passenger but not frightened of a bit of map reading.


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If you are not time constrained; 

  • Leave A303 just past Wincanton onto B3081 heading towards Gillingham and Shaftesbury
  • Keep on B3081, up Zig Zag Hill (used to be used for hill climbs between the wars). Super views to the left
  • Could turn right at cross roads for Compton Abbas Airfield for lunch
  • Back to the B3081 through Ashmore, Tollard Royal and Sixpenny Handley 
  • Over A354 and take B3078 to Cranbourne, Alderholt and Fordingbridge
  • Continue on B3078 across 'the wood with donkeys walking about' 
  • Across roundabout to A338 to enter Southampton via Totton


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I have traveled the Southampton - Torquay / Exeter route since my teens; first in a 997 Anglia, and until I retired, for family (Torquay) & work (Exeter).

Its all about timing! The best and quickest route is definitely the Honiton - Dorchester A35. I used to do this every week in less than two hours, but I did start at 5am. Yes, it gets heavy on the single carriageway bits at rush hour - so don't travel then; easy really! 

I always hated the racetrack of the 303, and it just seems longer

I see you are intending to travel during 'the holiday period', so take my advice; leave early and chill when you get there.


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