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not using car for a few months


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Hi all ive not been using my car for about 4 months thought i would go today and give it a turn over the battery has been on a trickle charger and it read on the charger it was in good health but it wouldnt turn it over so presume this will be a new battery. As it is a racing battery do i need the same or is there an alternative for my car ? Also would like to know whats the best thing to do about the fuel in the car when leaving it for so many months, full tank, empty tank use a additive not sure.

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There's no reason to run the engine, I will crank for pressure before starting when I get the car back out. I leave the fuel low and fill up with a 20 litre Jerry can before starting.

What battery do you have? If it is a Li-ion then a standard conditioner is unlikely to do as the charged voltages are different compared to a lead battery. Is it a trickle charger or a conditioner as a trickle charger will likely cause the battery fluid to evaporate away at a faster rate.

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I have the same battery and did have some issues previously using an Optimate, although I've never been sure whether historical issues were the battery or the starter motor, so probably nothing to do with the Optimate. However I now don't use the charger but remove my FIA cutout key when not using the car, with no load on the battery it seems capable of holding it's charge for many months, certainly 6+ doesn't seem a problem. I believe race batteries don't like parasitic loads though including the immobiliser, removing the cutout key removes all load from the battery.

As regards fuel it's never been a problem, just start it and run it. 


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It could be the battery terminals terminals but from what you have said it ran yesterday.

as a friend found recently AGM batteries don’t die like lead acid, they will charge but not hold the charge and don’t have any cracking amps even when it reads 12v... bit confusing and very annoying.

As for the fuel, if you are concerned there is a fuel stabiliser which stops the phase out, generally high octane fuel has shelf life of 3 months.

If the storage it is going to be a long period, I would suggest an oil change, helps protect bearings from corrosion. 

The guys on F....I chat in the US have extensive discussions about winter lay-up.



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