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New chassis?

Jon Stewart

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I've had my 1991 chassis dropped at Arch for renovation and it needs more work than I envisaged.

I've been told a brand new chassis might be more cost eefective but before I commit I would like to know what other parts I would need as part of the update.

bruce thinks I will need new front dampers (my current wide track suspension will fit I'm told) and I wil need a new handbrake as mine is currently under the dash but other than that I'm at a loss.

Has anyone gone through the same process and can advise on this?

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This is an interesting thread. Following inspection by Bruce/Arch, what sort of issues can cause a chassis to be deemed beyond economical repair? Too many upgrades boxes ticked, damaged/bent tubes, tonnes of rust, lack of powder coat or protection...? I'd love to get this done and have a trackday-specific chassis with bare ally bodywork to shave some kilos and save a few £££ on the rebuild costs.

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To give you an idea of cost....

In 2007/08 I took my 1993 chassis to Arch. The work included straightening out the rear basket and suppliy/fit a new spare wheel carrier (following rear end shunt). Bruce blasted and repowdercoated the whole chassis after adding propshaft hoops in the tunnel and strengthening the diff mounts. I also gave him everything else that could be newly powdercoated. The 7 was fitted will all new aluminium panels (interior and exterior) except the bonnet. from memory this was something like £2,500. See here

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