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Front grille mesh

Peter Mears

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Pete *wavey*


I used chicken wire, available from any local DIY/hardwire shop. Cut it to size then paint it matt black with a Hammerite rattle can. Once dry use small wire ties to attach to the rear of the grill.


PS: I see Yorkshire, South & Derbyshire, North meet at the Ladybower Inn. Maybe we should time another sh1t tour to coincide & also visit the cafe again?

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I used ally mesh from b&q - still have enough left to make another !!


I cut mine a bit bigger then folded it around the inner return edge of the nosecone. Etch primer and satin black. I fibre glassed a few metal rings to the nose and tywrapped it on.


I've seen other ones attached to the rad bobbins to completely cover the rad.





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