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adjustable spring seats


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It isn't 'hard' but you can hit a few snags...

-you have to unwind the eyelet from the top of the damper. Fine if you have a means of stopping the shaft rotating with the eyelet!

-spring compressors aren't designed for 1.9" dia springs (like mine are). yours may be 2.25" dia but still smaler than the tool was designed for. Cue heath-robinson DIY spring compressors.

- the adjustor collar, the lock collar and the threaded sleeve will add about 20mm to your ride height unless you move the circlip which secures it further down the damper body. Fine if you have more circlip grooves! on my older car I had to have new ones machined.

-Are you going to flat-floor the car afterwards? If so think carefully about where you put the circlip. e.g- O/S/R may need to go 8-15mm higher than the N/S/R to compensate for driver weight.


Also, if you're considering suspension overhaul or eyelet bush replacement, do it while its all in pieces!


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used ones work out at £160 for four plus vat plus postage

Caterhams work out at a little more expensice for new ones !!


Im only saving about £20 ovet the cost of new so i think i`ll go new.






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Got mine from Freestyle *thumbup* But can you get hold of them? *confused* I got them at a garage sale. They have a big box of sleeves and collars, Gary was quite happy for me to pick out the four I liked the best and mix and match to get matching collars etc. Really happy with the result, the first attempt to fit ended in disaster when the bottom shock mount rounded in the wishbone, but all ok now 😬






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