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R400 too noisy


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R400 Duratec too noisy for Goodwood. Will a Raceco silencer be sufficient. Car on standard CC silencer was 103db static but needed to be 98db. Car is 2.5 years old with standard plenum etc. Any cheaper alternatives as only about tracks where it will be a problem
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Surprised to hear that an R400D was too noisy as the ones I have heard have been significantly quieter than their K series counterparts (the roller barrels don't help too much!) but sounds like MH has sorted you out *thumbup*


Back in a BEC! - but done alright in Class 1...

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My SV R400D has always been too noisy for G'wood quiet days despite large race silencer. Always wanted Raceco box but fabrication issues with shortening of collector have always put me off a bit going down that route. If however there was an off the shelf solution would be the first in line. Induction noise however remains an issue without going to TBs and air box.



Superlight SV Duratec R400 Arch Inside 😬

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