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New build help with camber please. Sorted thank you!


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My car arrived last Monday just before we had 12 inches of snow *smile*


I've got the wishbones and dampers on (managed to chip the paint bending the alloy to get the bloomin upper left damper bolt back in *mad* despite covering the area with tape), but that's another story.


When you are next in the garage, could someone please count how many threads are visible outside the adjuster nuts on the upper ball joints please?


I've noticed that the two sides are very different as supplied, and it would be helpful to have an approximate position to start with.


I'm building a series 3 with standard suspension and metric chassis.


By the way, what is the difference between the upper wishbones? I've been careful to fit the one marked RH on the bag to the offside, but can't see any obvious difference unlike the lowers. I'm sure I've missed something obvious *redface*


Thanks in advance



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Edited by - DJ. on 5 Dec 2010 22:31:39

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Hi DJ-if you need to borrow a camber gauge you are most welcome to use my Dunlop gauge. I will be going to the new East Sussex meet on Tuesday 14th Dec so can bring it with me.






Sussex Swede R400

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Thanks Richard, I was just reading about that meeting. I've checked the calendar, and my wife has booked us to go to the Pantomine that night.


I would like to borrow your gauge, I plan to go to the meeting in January, so maybe we could meet then if it is convenient for you.



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