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13 inch CR500 ride height

chris perry 1

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Dear All,


Im in the process of putting 13 inch CR500 tires on to my ex 2010 academy car and have a question about ride heights.


Ive set the front so that i have 125mm from the underside of the chassis rail between the engine mounting bolts on both sides. The front wishbones are angled slightly downwards.


Ive set the back to be 15mm higher than the front and increased the drivers spring seat by five turns to make up for the driver.


I get approx 70mm of clearance below the sump.


However, the front damper spring seat locations are not the same. I have almost maximum preload on the front drivers side and approx half preload on the spring seat on the passenger side. This gives the front ride height as being 125mm on both sides of the car without me in the car.


Does this sound correct? Or am i doing something stupid?!


Thanks in advance,


Chris P

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