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K series engine mounts/CC dry sump


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Hiyas, would someone be so kind as to supply me a couple of pics detailing the configuration of the engine mounts when a CC dry sump (tank-in-bell) is fitted?


As I'm changing over from a Xflow and not having access to a so-fitted vehicle to refer to, I'm having a little difficulty trying to work out how it all fits. I have a K build manual to hand, but there are no diagrams in there to refer to either.


All help gratefully appreciated!


Cheers, Les.

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Be prepared for clearance issues between the steering column and alloy scavenge pump cradle.

When I fitted mine, I had the cradle off a couple of times to cut more off it until I was happy with the clearance.


I helped fitting DS to a 140 Xpower car a few months ago. Because of the big metal plenum (that is higher than the plastic plenum, and requires more clearance, so needs a different engine mount to lower the engine), this clearance issue is even worse! We had to cut a huge amount off the cradle to make enough clearance *mad*



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Stu; thanks for those, that's where I meant and it's good to confirm it visually!


Richard; I spent most of last year with a similar vibration from the steering column rubbing on the xflow oil pump housing. Bit of a bugger after I'd built/rebuilt everything else around it, so need to get this right first time this time around! I'm fitting Jenveys DTH so hopefully won't need to be as liberal with the grinder!


Thanks again guys *thumbup*

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