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Oil Temperature/Pressure


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Hi All,

I have just fitted a mechanical pressure gauge and at the same time wired in the oil temperature sender. I have not taken it out for a run yet due to the salt.

I was wondering what sort of pressure/temp range I can expect? I know that there are a lot of variables but would like a rough guide.

It's a K series with apollo.

Thanks in advance.



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Hot tick over (80 degrees), I get 20 psi. Full beans 55-60psi when hot.

You'll be amazed at the time it takes for the oil to warm up, my apollo now has some foil insulation around it to help warm up time.


BRG and Yellow nose now with added brooklands


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Yup ..... 75psi on cold start up. At least 10 minutes of driving to get the oil to 40C. Normal running temp in summer 80C, maybe only 60C at this time of year. I have a closed cell foam wrap around my Apollo, and I blank off some of the nosecone opening with the same stuff by slipping it between the inner and outer grilles. Being black it is almost invisible. I have some left if you would like some. It reduces the amount of freezing air that overcools everything in winter !


Hot oil pressure 20psi at tickover and up to 65psi at higher revs.


So nice to see the needle on a mechanical gauge move through the full sweep after the limited and erratic movement of the electric one !



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Thanks guys *thumbup*

I have noted what you said about taking a while to warm up the oil. For a while i thought I had the wiring wrong or the sender wasn't working.

SM25T yes please I will send BM




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