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Seat testing near Nottingham


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Was planning to replace my early style adjustable seats with S-type leather, but a research on Blatchat just left me totally confused if Tillets or S-type would be best for me Mainly cruising, one or two track days a year.

I am 6feet 3inch and the car is a dedion/long chassis.Floor not lowered.Don't want bench type or foam seat for the moment.

It seems the best way to find out is trying .



Anyone near Nottingham with tillets / S-type seat that I could try 🤔




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caught me a week too late Carsten, i have just cut out the floors to lower the tillets to the floor and off the runners, you are welcome to come and have a sit in the Tillets in the new lower position. to get an idea of the feel fit etc. drivers seat is not bolted in at present though. my pedals would also be too far forward as i am only 5' 6",also car has no cage, waiting for my new SLR cage, and no windscreen only aero. ps i would pick tillets over any other seat every time, even for touring. mine have been in since they first became available. Ruddington. Nottingham.


Kevin R


black(but sometimes orange)-ali HPC


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