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Comms fitting advice needed


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I'm hoping to get a Autocom Logic One comms unit in the near futute. I gather it's battery powered but Im also getting the power lead so it can be wired in, this is where my problems begin. As far as car electrics are concerned I'm a complete numpty so I would appreciate any advice from the knowledgeable ones on this, also, where is the best place to situate it. I suppose it needs to go out of sight but at the same time be within reach. I'm hoping to get it with two wired up Peltor Defenders for driver/passenger comms and a music lead.

Thanks for any help.



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I took an ignition-switched 12V supply from the ignition switch and ran it under the edge of the tunnel top on the drivers side, and connected the negative to the bodywork at the rear of the tunnel. Mounted Autocom unit in the little triangular pouch between the seats (part of the Soft Bits draught reducer) .... very handy location. Ran the cables for each headset inside the comfort pads on the harnesses, so the socket just dangles by the harness top adjusters.



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I have a Terratrip unit... My simple approach was to take a fused 12V straight from the battery, and run it along the trans tunnel to the rear bulkhead where I can velcro the unit to it. I just unplug the unit and take it out the car when I'm done. If I was going to fit it permanently, I'd put a switch inline. Earth runs straight back to the battery.






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I've got an individually-fused power-distribution-centre under the dash made up from Tamiya RC battery connections and clip-together inline fuse holders. The whole lot is connected to my aircraft ignition-switch.


The control box sits in front of the gearlever - it's pretty-much a set-it-and-forget-it box, but you may need/want to twiddle with one of the various controls (Vox-cut, audio-balance, ambient-noise-sensor thing) while on the move.


I bought some of the headset extension cables, ran them along the tunnel-top and then up and over the back of the seat (I think I've got one curly and one straight lead for each side).


The radio velcros to the dash with the antenna poking out into the wind - it's in easy reach of my passenger. The cable is kept under control my some of those zip-tie base pads for now. I'll probably remove the aeroscreen scuttle over winter and feed a new cable supply up through it behind the dash.


My iPhone sits in a semi hard-shell case zip-tied just under the dash in front ot the gear lever - it's easy for either driver or pax to slip it out of the case, adjust the volume or the music - the cable is nice and tidy too - zip-tied (again) behind the dash with just the bare-minimum poking out to allow you to remove the phone without unplugging it.


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