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13" wheels


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Hi All,

I am thinking of changing my wheels for 13x6 front and 13x8 rear and I have just seen these here

I was wondering if anyone knows if they will fit?

To be honest I am a bit confused with offsets etc.

Its a dedion btw.

Also has anyone used this company before?

Thanks in advance



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offsets are a nigtmare to me. For instance the 6" anthracite wheels are marked up as ET24 and I just measured mine and they are ET24 as measured from the ouside of the rims. Thing is these wheels have a 3mm lip on the inner edge which means yes they are a ET24 offset measured from the outside of the wheel but in use the tyres are not offset by 24mm.


Anyway,as for the ones on your link, it looks like the PCD is right but it don't look like the offsets will suit a 7.





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