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CSR Oil level


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To check oil level Caterham recommend starting engine from cold, run for 30 seconds bliping throttle to over 1500 rpm, turn off engine - check level. When I do this the level is within the range


However, if I leave the car to get to normal temp and blip throttle and re-dip - it is 2 inches over the top mark on the dipstick


Left car off for 30 mins turned off and out of curiosity dipped again - still 2 inches above dipstick? I thought you were suposed to dipp within a minute of switchng off of it would drain out of the tower?


Any idea what is going on here? Am I overfilled or OK?




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Frankly, dipping is a waste of time, the best way is to continue adding oil, a bit at a time, until any spare is blown into the catch tank, empty this away, and then add a little every 500 - 1000 miles. If it isn't blowing into the catch tank, put a bit more in until it does, it will then find its' own level.


Simples 😬 [or not? 😔


Paul J.


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The consensus appears to be as you say to just rely on the catch tank spew point


Darren emailed me a reply to say that if he fills to the point of catch spew and then goes out for a blat. comes back and re-checks the oil level it can be as much as 4 inches above the max mark


I am re-assured that 2 inches above is OK and as I am not spewing, I guess I need to add some more!






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this is what you find in the actual handbook (CSR):


Engines with dry sump bell tank and swirl tower:


-) Start the engine and run it until the normal operating temperature is achieved (90-100°C).


-) Switch off the engine.


-) Unscrew the tank cap from the top of the swirl tower. Wipe clean the dipstick provided before dipping, this will ensure that the correct indication is achieved. Be sure the dipstick fully home when dipping.






Caterham CSR 225

MAZDA MX-5, Mk2, 1840ccm

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I know, but here is what I was told:


CSR Oil checking procedure




From cold engine


Run the engine for 30 seconds while engine is running blip the throttle to above 1500 rpm.


Stop the engine


Remove the original combined dipstick & Cap and disregard.


Dip the oil with the new long dipstick


The Oil level should be between the flat section of the new dipstick (approximately 215 – 245mm from the bottom).


If the oil level is below this mark please top up with oil and repeat the above procedure until the correct level is achieved.


Replace the Swirl tower cap (with the new cap supplied)


I guess the catch tank spew is therefore the best option as they don't seem sure how to do it!



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On mine I changed oil, went for blat (reasonably spirited) checked catch tank, no oil, added 250ml quick blat (reasonably spirited) if oil in catch tank leave car overnight, if not repeat until there is, in morning used new long dipstick and marked oil level by filing a small notch, I can now do a quick check on cold engine for reassurance, but still bung 250ml or so of oil in every 500 miles depending on driving style and amount being chucked into catch tank, you will soon get a feel for how much oil you and your car use.




CSR 200 Aztec and Black

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