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Slicks wanted


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Have looked for a set of these for the last 6 months - with no success. New, 2 x 7x20 fronts and 2 x 8.2x22 rears are just over £600. Standard compound is A37 which is on the harder side of medium I think - basically a control tyre for C400. Will happily be corrected on this. Past my budget sadly! IF there are any out there then I'll have the second set please.


Have given up now and bought ex formula Renault 16/53x13 slicks and will put them on 6" rims. These are second hand and 4-5mm tread left and best bit is £65 a set, delivered. They're also radial which will save me winding out 2+ degrees of camber everytime I change wheels. For trackdays / testing anyway and fed up buying multiple sets of CR500's. If anyone would like a contact tel number then I can send it on.



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I have some fronts of the size you require. AVON 7.0/20/0/13


They are with some 20" dia rears, and I won't split, but I will take them off the rims. See my ad in For Sale. Reasonable offers welcome for all 4.

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