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Clock for the 7

Dickie Normuss

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After looking for a while I've found one from a motorbike accessory place on eBay that I like. To give an indication of size have a look here. Originally I wanted an analogue one to fit in with the dials but this has a nice quality feel to it and is water resistant *thumbup* If you type in Daytona clock on eBay you'll find them for about £13 which was the cheapest I found.


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Looks very small and neat. I didn't want a clock as always wear watch, but wanted an outside temperature gauge as I wanted to prove that I wasn't a whimp and it was b....y cold really. Found an excellent one in Halfords which also had digital clock in silver.... Painted it matt black to match fascia and mounted in area below fuel gauge.

Touching the nearest corner lights it up for 5 secs in the dark. Temp sensor behind front indicators and reads in 1/10th of a degree F or C and clock 12 or 24 hour.

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Quick update - I've bought one of these, from Squaredeal (who I'm impressed with) - however, the clock DOES NOT have a stopwatch function...

It is a nice clock though...


Edited to add that Frank, from Squaredeal, has offered to refund me the cost of the clock, because it doesn't have the stopwatch facility.

Bearing in mind that his supplier informed that the clock was also a stopwatch, I'm really impressed with his offer & the level of service I've got from Squaredeal - which includes prompt responses to my emails.

Nice one Frank ! *smile* *smile* *smile*


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... which is more than chain reaction cycles are doing see as i bought a bike compie advertised to read up to 199.9 and it only goes up to 97.3. "Who would want to go that fast on a bike" is there best excuse so far.


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*arrowup* *arrowup*

Yes, I know !! - I've read your thread.

FWIW I thought your letter was spot on - designed to raise a smile & encourage chain reaction to do the decent thing.

It's such a shame when folk don't behave honourably - which is why, when folk do, that I think it's worth a mention.

What I didn't mention in my post, but was in my email to Square Deal, was that I've binned all the packaging - a bit like you cutting the wire.

I shan't be tempted to shop at chain reaction. poor reaction more like... *mad*

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