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Adjustable Damper – rear height…


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At the front (Assembly Guide) you should have a ride height of

a minimum 75 mm under the sump. Fine.


But what is with the rear?

15 mm higher than the front – OK - but how can I measure?

From wich point to ground? From the de dion?




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Once the car is weighted to your satisfaction (Mate with a couple of beers 😬) start at the front and set the springs so that the front wishbones are horizontal (which should give 70 - 75 mm clearence) then set the back and then start again and so on I've cut down an old screw driver that just fits into the adjuster (mine have holes not slots) and it makes the job a whole lot more comfortable. I also use an old bath leg (no joke) that screws into quite a deep foot to check level and heights - makes the measuring easier and more consistant *thumbup*


Paul M

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