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clear out, generally suspension related


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Rev counter - Original - VDO style £30


Rear light block (rubber) 2 off £5

Rear light lense 1 off £5


Leda front dampers + pair of 140lb and pair of 170lb springs

LEDA FRTs are approx 325 OPEN / 255 CLOSED* £50/pair

Leda rr dampers (likely to require revalving which is cheap) + 170lb springs

With adjustable platforms £50/pair


Bilstein frt M0 dampers 3000be32814M0 + pair 170lb springs / + pair 260lb springs

BILSTEIN FRTs are approx 320 OPEN / 270 CLOSED

With adjustable platforms £30//pair


Freestlye AVO damper front 1 off £15

Freestyle AVO damper rear 1 off £15


Fuel tank retaining bar (hand painted black) £5


Pair of old front discs, rusty but serviceable (FOC to anyone willing to collect)


Dedion tube from around 1994, no damage. Some surface rust. Replaced due to power upgrades, it's the lighter variety of tube. Through holes for dampers, no lower damper attachment £35



Pictures here



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How much for the rear Bils. Are the spring platforms siezed or free?

Subject to the above first dibs please. Whereabouts are you?


Dave B


Should have seen you are in Peterborough!! Nice and handy for collection.


Edited by - Dave B on 13 May 2009 09:48:41

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Are the suspension bits for pre '96 car with the different front damper lengths (here's hoping)? Price for the Billies ?


Also price and condition of VDO revcounter, where does the redline start ?

(i.e. suitable for 7300rpm Supersport?


Ta in advance




EN Yorks 7's


Edited by - David Lynch on 13 May 2009 11:59:22

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Sorry to all but I'd stoppeed watching this post and didn't set it to deliver an email either.


Byker will - front billies plus springs + platforms £100

David - Suspension bits are all from a circa 94 chassis car (mine's always been a bit of an enigma for some reason) as far as lengths go, not sure about the M0 rears though bu tthey do fit. Theyr'e for the centre mount de dion fitment.


As for the VDO, you should be able see the condition now but its very good (no damage) but it is from 1992-4 era so I can't exactly call it "as new"! Say £40?



Edited by - millsn on 14 May 2009 19:13:27

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