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Welsh Weekend

Grahame W

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Any one know when Llandow regs will be available as I've put off Llys Y Fran entry assuming I'd only do the weekend if I could get into both events. Due to gap between the 2 sets of regs now worried there will not be any space left at Llys Y Fran anyway.
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Anyone know any nice but reasonably priced places to stay near Llandow?

Crossways will only take 2 night bookings, The Bear is £100/night and I'd rather not stay in a Travel Lodge.


Yellow SL *cool* #32 - member of Drowned Rat Racing

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It's OK Shaun - Martin won't be camping either. He'll be living it up in his racing driver's motor home
mite not be *tongue*......OK I am, unfortunatley wont be on the site though as will be arriving about midnight on the Friday and they lock the gates at 11pm 😔
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