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VX Sump and oil question

alan c

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I am going to change the oil in my wet sumped VX over the weekend and replace the foam at the same time.

Two questions:-

1 I see people talking about using a sealant in places - what type of sealant should I get? I understand where I need to apply it, I assume its a smear only of the correct stuff.

2 An old question I know - Oil I have seen several different types of oil recomended but I have 10l of Mobil One 0/40. I see some people use this, will it be 'OK' for road use only or should I really go and get something else?



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The correct sealant to use is either Loctite 598 or the GM sealant from a Vx main dealer. If you do a search on here you might find the GM part number. I think you can get the Loctite from Halfords.


You'll also find endless posts from the past regarding Vx engines and oil. I use Millers 10/60.


Edited to say that the 0 grade is likely to be too thin for a Vx on hydraulic cam followers and you'll have a clattery engine when its hot. The recommended Mobil 1 was 15/50.






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Thanks to everyone for all of the advice, job now done. I have to say it is not a job I intend to repeat quickly on my own with the car on stands. Definately need more space to work and an extra pair of hands would have been useful.

The foam baffle was very brittle but all in one piece. There was no need for any mods to the oil pick up, some one has been there before me and done that.

Its been tested as well went back to normal pressure more or less immediately and there are no signs of any leaks.


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