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2005 Rover standard imobiliser.. car won't start


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Does anyone know what the standard Rover imobiliser does on a 2005 EU3 K ?, its the key fob with 2 buttons type.

Feeling ☹️

A week ago after the winter break started car just ran for 30 seconds, all fine.

Disconnected battery using isolater switch.A habit.

Just changed perished hoses for nice silicone ones. Reconnected battery. Went to start car to bleed air out, wouldn't start.

Battery fine.Spins engine no probs.

Spark at plugs...... plug checked wasn't wet *confused*

Fuel pump seems to work.

Step motor on inlet buzzes away.

All wiring / plugs seperated, reconnected.

All earth sound.

Even went & bought a gallon of petrol to ensure enough fuel.


I would like to test the imobiliser any ideas ?


I am tempted to push it down the road to the local garage to have their diagnostic thingy plugged in just incase the ECU need resetting.



Born again sevener

1st LAMBO back in 1971 *eek* my fun motors

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Sounds like the immobiliser is out of sync with the fob. Our academy car used to do it.


When you turn the isolator back on press either of the buttons on the fob repeatedly. About five times or so from memory. There should be a clicking of relays and the fob and immobiliser will be resynchronised.


Then press unlock as usual and Robert is a relative from your mother's family.




Green and Silver Roadsport 😬

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No luck, even tried spare blipper.

Roger.. imobiliser dash light works as normal during when operating system.

Stuart .. I assume inertia switch is o.k as pump starts up as ignition is turned on.


Is the only way to test the imobiliser by trying another unit ?

( I actually did my apprenticiship as an auto electrician back in the 70s *rolleyes* cars were simpler back then)


Born again sevener

1st LAMBO back in 1971 *eek* my fun motors

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The CCT LED is always the best guide as to what the immobiliser is doing.

If you have pressed unlock on the fob (should hear relay click in the 5AS), turned Ignition on and the LED is OFF, then the immobiliser is disarmed and sending the correct MEMS code to the engine management unit.

The immobiliser itself does not control the fuel pump or disable cranking. All it does (in the Caterham application) is transmit the MEMS code if correctly disarmed.




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OK, I have a *smile* on my face !

I called out the 'Auto Recovery' service that is provided by Footman James Insurance.

He was keen to have a poke around, he prodded & poked the wiring connectors ( as I had done...... & it started !!!

He did connect his battery as mine was flagging a bit that may have helped ? BUT my battery was fully charged at the begining of the problem *confused*.

Thanks for your contributions to the thread *thumbup*.


Born again sevener

1st LAMBO back in 1971 *eek* my fun motors

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