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Except that noise levels differ day to day let alone circuit to circuit. Plus a some limits are at drive by, which adds a whole series of complications.


The only advantage of going to a garage to get it tested is that you will have some clue if you are close to the limit...


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My 2001 SLR belts out 98db at 4500 - 5000revs. Or at least it did 4 months ago. I have a suspicion it may be a little higher now.

I have a DB meter. If you want to check your sound levels, you are welcome to pop by and make some noise on my driveway.

I live in Wokingham, Berks.



Andy Mac

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goodwood quiet days are 98dB, noisy 105 dB both @3/4 rpm

as previous postings, meters vary, best bet is to go to goodwood and ask them to noise test you (phone first). the meter there is quite kind, but there is also the drive by metering which may need an early change on the start straight if you're close to the limit. this also depends what other cars are out with you as this is for overall noise.

who are you going with? some organisers will refund if you fail, most won't


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