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removing post 96 headlamp connectors


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How do I remove the block connectors (at the car's wiring harness end) from the wiring to post 96 headlamps so that I can remove the headlamps from their headlamp bracket? First there's a little rubber seal that seals each wire into its bore in the connector block and then each terminal probably has some sort of retention tab as well. Any advice (other than chopping the connectors off!) gratefully received.


And what's the source for new connectors?



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The pins just pull out of the connector,It's the little plastic bit that holds them in!

I tried to order some through Caterham but no

luck!I can't remember if I got the distributers name off Caterham or Arch Motors,it was something like M E S.(I've mislaid the receipt)but they were happy to supply them to me.The pins crimp onto the wire just like spade connectors.

Good Luck.


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If these are the headlamps destined for my wee beastie then the loom end caterham connectors will not fit my custom loom anyway.


I could do with some wires that have the lamp end connectors on but I'll have to add my own connectors for the loom end.


So, If you'll need these for your new lamps then keep them rather than pay Caterham prices for new ones.


If your new lamps come with a universal, or wrong loom end fittings then they'll be ideal for me.





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I removed my headlights recently. It is a two minute job.

Once the two bolts on the chassis bracket are removed you just unplug the light plug, slide the headlight attachment bar out a bit and just feed the individual wires (that's how mine are anyhow) through the slot in the top of the bracket one by one and off with it indicator, headlamp and uncle Tom Cobbly and all!


Fitment is the reverse of removal....


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I resently changed the headlamp brackets on my pre 96 car.


Agree....the conections just pull out of the connector block by releasing the little black internal plastic "clip"


The connections at the head lamp end are "made" connectios so you are going to strugle to remove these without some damage.

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On the subject of headlights and connector blocks, has anyone else had problems with the plasic block that fits to the back of the lamp unit melting?


My car started blowing fuses everytime I switched on the dipped beam and I eventually tracked the fault down to the connector block. It had softened with the heat and had allowed the brass terminals to come into contact with each other. What a bugger to find though!!!


Well worth remembering if you ever develop similar symptoms.


Light are Cibie Z180 but I cannot recall if the blocks were standard fittings....



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