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Got the kit yesterday, theres no instructions. am going out to buy a drill bit 5/32nths and some more pop rivits, and a pop rivit gun, and a popper fitter thingymajigwhatsitsnamedoodah,kit - ha bl**dy ha ha, why can't they tell you things with these kits and why can't they send you all the pop rivits that you'll need? How does one go about taking off a popper from the boot cover so as to install a double sided one - not to bothered about drilling holes but I am about ripping the boot cover.
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I have written instructions, a popper fixing tool and pop rivet gun.

Best bits of advice:-

Make sure the tonneau cover is warm and pliable when you are fitting. Ideally you should do it in the warmer weather or in a warm garage.

Use masking tape on the cover to help mark the spot for the poppers.

If you need to borrow or want some help/advice, give me a shout. You should have my telephone no. on recent note I sent for Karting deposit.


Paul R.


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Have now got the bits, and spoken to Caterham, ???????


Apparently I pop rivit the studs to the car after drilling the holes, as I have already got the 2 centre poppers (scuttle) and 6 rear poppers in place heres my plan::


1 drill holes at front edges of scuttle, pop rivit from inside (assuming theres clearance under the dashboard), use washer behind.


2 drill holes in side skin of car and pop rivit from outside, I assume that as this is honeycomb? then I cant get at the other side????


3 rip the boot cover whilst trying to remove popper and cry for the rest of the day.


Any further things I should note?

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SJWB, I quote from Caterham assembly manual, chapter 13, verse 9, part b):


"Mark and fit two POPPERS at the front to correspond with the bases just fitted."


I rest our case.. They make them, they call them poppers, therefore they are poppers.


If you say poppers often enough you go quite mad.


If I knew how to do a smily thing or a grinny thing I would, but I don't so I won't :-)



Paul - You'll probably get a call tomorrow

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I think there are instructions in the Caterham Build Manual.


If I remember right, my sequence was...


1) Fit the two scuttle center poppers (from the outside)

2) Fit the rear poppers, 3 each side (total 6) (on the rail where the boot cover is fixed)

3) Attach the two poppers to the tonneau, matching them to the scuttle ones

4) Now slightly stretch the tonnaux and mark the rear center popper. I used a nail to puncture the tonneaux.. you can feel the popper through the material quite well and then aim at the middle. The tonneau should now be attached in the middel.

5) mark the remaining 2 poppers each side with the nail. Now the tonneaux is fixed at the rear end.

6) Now I pulled the tonnaux at the front side and marked two convenient locations each side on the scuttle. Rivet the popper to the scuttle (from the outside), mark the tonneaux and put the popper in the tonneaux.

7) Now I marked the last Popper on the lower rear edge (at the rear wing). Again , fix the popper to the car, mark tonneaux, pop and thats it.


Make shure that the tonneaux is not too cold and not too hot. I think room temperature should be good.


Hope this helps, I think now I do not understand what I have just written...





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Alistair - You say:-

1 drill holes at front edges of scuttle, pop rivit from inside (assuming theres clearance under the dashboard), use washer behind.


NO - Pop rivets go through from outside, except the pop rivets (2) on front edge of boot cover where normal press stud is replaced by a combined female and mail popper. Here, rivet goes through cover from inside, otherwise rivet prevents popper fixing.


You can use the popper tool to pierce the tonneau cloth.


Really suggest you use masking tape to mark the spot for the poppers, to do otherwise is usually a bit hit and miss.


Its one of those jobs that if you don't get it right, you'll be looking at it and for years and wishing you'd only taken a bit more care. Not to mention the fact that if the tonneau is not stretched tight, it sags and puddles and leaks into car even more than normal!


Paul R.


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