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Yoko A048's - prices.


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Been quoted £67 a corner by my local tyre place. - normally the cheapest around.


Is this a reasonable price?



edited - sorry, i'll add a bit more meat to this one. - i'm after 4, at 185/60/13.





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that sounds quite good to me, i have been phoning around and the best i got was £270 ish including vat and delivery but i will still have to gey them fitted. incidentally most places including trade suppliers say that 48's and 32's are no longer available and been replaced by 35's whatever they are......

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Thats a good price fitted if it includes VAT. BookaTrack has a BuyaTyre service which quotes the same price. Polleys are good if you can fit yourself or have a local tyre place that will fit for "beer money" otherwise you could end up paying more. The first time I got tyres delivered it ended up costing me £15 a corner to have them fitted as no where else locally would fit tyres they hadn't supplied. Last time I used BookaTrack and they fitted at a track day for me.


Yellow SL *cool* #32

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Just paid around that for a set of five. I used Newdigate Tyres (01306 631206), after a recommendation from Ray Pearce, who have a mobile fitting and balancing vehicle.


Therefore no need to find the time to get the job done, they will come to wherever the wheels/car is parked.



Deliveries by Saffron, *thumbup* the yellow 222bhp Sausage delivery machine

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